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So, I’ve been hinting about an exciting announcement recently and now I can finally tell you what it is… We’re going back to Walt Disney World!

I am SO excited!!! We didn’t think we would go back for a few years after last year’s trip as it is just so expensive, however, my Mum decided she wanted to do a big family holiday as we’ve never really had one and has paid for me, my siblings and our partners all to go! Originally, we didn’t think we would be able to go with work being busy, however, after thinking about it we decided this opportunity wouldn’t come around again any time soon and that we would be stupid to pass up on a free holiday (especially one to the greatest place on earth!) So we bit the bullet and requested the time off work, which was luckily approved! I can’t wait to be able to spend time all together, especially since all our partners are going too, which makes it a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a bit better as we don’t all live close. Unfortunately, my younger brother Alex didn’t want to come which is a shame as I probably see him the least, but I’ll be sure to make a visit to see him once we’re back 😊

A Much Needed Break

This holiday is much needed, it’s been a pretty weird year. Work has been busy, there have been some really awkward situations in my personal life this year and there have been times where I’ve generally felt a bit crap about myself. I can’t wait to finally let my hair down and relax for 2 weeks, after all, it’s things like this that I work hard for every day and I intend to have a great time!

On this trip, myself and Lee will be staying in our second All-Star Resort, Disney’s All-Star Movies. We stayed at All-Star Music last time and loved it so decided to try Movies this time which is pretty exciting as the theming looks amazing!

The rest of my family will be staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and each of them has a quick service dining plan which came free with their booking package. (Ours was booked separately as we made the decision to go a little later than when my family first booked, which means we, unfortunately, missed out on the free dining!)

Having been to Walt Disney World before, myself and Lee can’t wait to head back and do all the things we loved the first time around, and even try some things we didn’t get time to do last time! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open so we can’t wait to see what it’s like and try some of the cool snacks on offer (I can’t wait to try blue/green milk!) We also never went to the Animal Kingdom at night last time so it will be exciting to do that and experience the park in a different way.

Exciting Upcoming Content

I’ve got tonnes of research planned for this trip so you can expect a lot of Disney posts coming your way with plenty of tips and tricks to make the most of your vacation! This will probably be the last time we go to Walt Disney World for a few years now as there are a few other things I want to start focussing on, such as buying a house!

In light of our trip, I will be taking a short hiatus mid-September. You can follow me on my travels over on Instagram where I will be documenting our trip as much as I possibly can! IG: @bethroseblog Once I’m back, there will be plenty of updates and posts to fill you in on what we got up to as well 😊

So there you are, you’re all filled in on my exciting announcement! Be sure to stick around for my pre-trip blogs including my upcoming ‘Pack With Me – Florida 2019 Edition’.

See you real soon!

B x


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  • I can’t wait for us all to go on holiday together, I’m so happy to have been in a position to do this for everyone and even more excited you guys both managed to get the time off xxxxx


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