Walt Disney World: What To Pack In Your Parks Bag

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog,  if it’s your first time here then welcome in general! Today I’m going to be sharing my suggestions on what you should pack in your Disney parks bag. Now, this list probably won’t work for everyone but it’s just things that I personally find useful when I’m at Disney! Let’s start off with the obvious…


phone and camera

This one is pretty much a given! It’s important to make sure you have a fully-charged phone with you just in case of emergencies or if you get separated from your group etc. It’s also great for taking photos and being able to use the My Disney Experience app and mobile ordering system 😊If you’re looking at having a bit of a photography day, then make sure you take a camera with you as well, unless your phone is good enough!

Power Bank/Portable Charger

power bank

Just in case your phone starts to run out of battery! A portable charger/power bank is a useful thing to have, If you don’t have one of these, you can actually get one from various sites around the parks and resorts for $30.



Okay, you’ll probably be wearing these rather than have them in your bag. MagicBands are awesome! They are your room key, payment source, park tickets and FastPass+ reservations all in one so make sure you take these with you!

Travel-Size Suncream

mini suncream

A mini travel-size suncream is always handy when you’re out and about in the parks and need a top-up, BUT, be super careful that the bottle is secure in your bag and the lid is sealed tight. I took a mini suncream with me to the parks and ended up with a bag (and butt!) covered in lotion when I accidentally sat on the bottle during one of the rides. Probably best to pop it in a zip-lock bag/pouch before putting it in your bag!! 😩



Always a must, the Florida sun is RELENTLESS. Keep those eyes protected!

Mini First-Aid Kit

first aid

A small supply of plasters, paracetamol, lip balm, antiseptic cream etc. Always handy to have just in case!

Collapsible Water Bottle

water bottles

Or any kind of water bottle/refillable mug really! You can fill them up for free with ice-cold water at any Quick Service restaurant when you really need a drink but don’t want to pay $3+ for a bottle of water in the parks.

Cooling Towels

cooling towels

Cooling towels were an absolute DREAM when we went to Disney in the middle of summer last year. They are incredibly easy to use (and re-use time and time again) and are so inexpensive! I picked the ones we used up on Amazon.

Rain Ponchos/Travel Umbrella

rain ponchos/unbrella

Now, this is entirely down to your personal preference. If you don’t like getting wet then you might want to look at getting some disposable rain ponchos or a travel umbrella for when it inevitably rains for a short burst! We originally took a couple each with us on our trip but never actually ended up using them. It’s hot enough in Florida to dry your clothes out pretty quickly after it’s stopped raining and the one time I did try to get one of the ponchos on in time, the thin plastic material just stuck to my arms in the heat and I found it a tad uncomfortable. Like I said, it’s purely down to your personal preference!

Mini Fans

mini fan

If you’re going to take a mini fan with you, make sure it’s a decent one! I bought some really cheap ones from eBay for about £1 each and they were no match for the Florida heat – absolutely useless! This year, I’m making the conscious effort to invest in some much better ones so that I am prepared. We bought the one above just after we got back from our last trip as we saw someone in front of us in the queue for Haunted Mansion with one and thought it was such a good idea!

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

antibacterial gel

As clean as you think Disney parks may be, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t wash their hands after going to the toilet or coughs/sneezes without using a tissue. I always make sure I’ve got a bottle of Anti-bac with me just in case!

Autograph Book and Sharpies

autograph book

If you’re interested in meeting characters and getting them to sign autographs, make sure you pack your autograph book and a pen/sharpie 😊

Loose Change and Pressed Coin Folder

pressed pennies

If like me you are a pressed coin collector, you might want to invest in a folder to keep all your pressed coins in! You can buy the one above throughout any of the 4 Disney theme parks 😊



If you’re a pin trader, make sure you take your trade-ables with you into the parks where you can trade at any Pin Trading Post and with most Cast Members and other guests! Top Tip: Cast Members aren’t allowed to say no – If you see a pin that a Pin Trading CM has that you like, they will swap it with you! Also, please be kind and respectful when Pin Trading, it’s a really awesome thing to be able to do around Disney property, don’t spoil it by being rude or too pushy when trading with other guests/Cast Members. Remember, guests are not obliged to pin trade with other guests 😊

Mini Deodorant

mini deodorant

It is hot hot hot in Florida! You might find it handy to keep a mini/travel-sized deodorant or body spray with you for a quick refresh in the heat.

Mosquito Bands

mosquito bands

Mosquito/bug repellant bracelets are always handy to carry with you, We didn’t experience any bites while we were in Florida last September but definitely felt the bugs were out more during the evenings than the day. It’s a good idea to buy a few cheap bug repellent bands/bracelets just in case.


So, there are my suggestions for what you should pack in your parks bag! Would you add anything to the list? Let me know in the comments below and I will see you next time!


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