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one and done

Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to be highlighting attractions from Walt Disney World that are in my opinion, a One-And-Done experience. Walt Disney World spans across 40 square miles which equates to the size of San Fransisco – That’s a lot of ground to cover! When we went on our trip to WDW last year, we made sure we went on every ride/attraction so that we could experience everything, we compiled this list out of our personal opinions of which rides and attractions we think you only really need to do once…

Magic Kingdom 


Tom Sawyers Island – as far as we could tell when we explored Tom Sawyers Island, there wasn’t really a lot to do there. Also, I’m absolutely petrified of snakes and an Island that has genuine warning signs for snakes and alligators all around its perimeters is a big no-go for me. I spent the majority of the time we were on the island feeling terrified that we would see a snake (especially in the pitch-black walk-through tunnels! 😰)

Country Bear Jamboree – The Country Bear Jamboree is just weird. and creepy. Unless you really love the country bears, I’d be inclined to say skip this one completely.

country bear jamboree

Hall of Presidents – this was actually really interesting to learn more about the past Presidents of the United States, however, once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it!

hall of presidents

Tomorrowland Speedway – If you have young kids, this ride is great because they get to drive a car, I mean, what kid doesn’t want to drive a real car?? However, If you are a couple in their 20’s or above who pretty much drive every day of their normal lives, It’s no different than normal driving. Also, the fumes from this ride are very overpowering!

It’s a Small World – This was one of our guilty pleasures at Disneyland Paris, however at Walt Disney World, there is so much more to see and do, It’s a Small World had to take a back seat!

Carousel of Progress – I’ll be honest, I found the Carousel of Progress really boring 😬its 21 minutes long and when it starts, you can’t leave until it finishes.

Peter Pan’s Flight – Unless you’re a huge fan of Peter Pan, This is another one that I suggest you only do once. The queue is always huuuge and the ride is over so quickly.

peter pans flight

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh – much like Peter Pan’s Flight, unless you’re a massive fan of Winnie the Pooh, give this one a miss!

Dumbo – again, unless you’re a big fan of Dumbo, this is a one-and-done ride, although you can get a great view of the park from up here!

Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel – This one is one you only really do to say you’ve done it. It’s a historically significant ride in terms of the park’s history but it’s just not that exciting 😬also, Lee had a bad experience on the Carousel which involved quickly having to switch horses before the ride started, resulting in him ripping his shorts and us having to make a speedy return to our resort hotel 😂never again!

Animal Kingdom

tree of life

It’s Tough To Be a Bug – unless you like the feeling of having thousands of creepy crawlies all over you, I’d say this one is a once-only attraction!

Primeval Whirl – where I live in the U.K, we have a ride that comes down to the funfair every year called the Wild Mouse. Primeval Whirl is exactly the same as the Wild mouse so we didn’t find it to be anything special.

Hollywood Studios

hollywood tower hotel

Beauty and the Beast Live – as much as I love Beauty and the Beast, we all know the story by now! Along with a lot of other attractions in this list, it is a good one to do if you need to take a break from the walking or to get out of the sun for a while 😊

beauty and the beast live

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi – Again, unless you are a really big fan of Star Wars, need a re-cap of recent SW movies or just need to get out of the heat, this is one that we actually gave a miss completely. Neither of us are big fans of Star Wars so we weren’t too interested in watching parts of the movies for 15 minutes so went and did Star Tours for the 100th Time instead 😂



Living With The Land – It’s really interesting to learn about how Disney uses the produce they grow in their farms throughout the parks but once you know it, you know it 😊

Journey Into Imagination with Figment – The only reason we probably wouldn’t do this again is that we didn’t have a great experience first time around. The ride broke down whilst we were in the queue waiting, we persevered and eventually got on the ride but it proceeded to stop and start for the entire duration. Kind of ruined the experience for us so I don’t think we’d do it again.

O Canada – It was great to learn more about Canada but once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it!

Impressions of France – again, much like O Canada, great to learn about more about France but there’s nothing new to learn once you’ve seen it.

The American Adventure – We didn’t realise how long this was going to be when we sat down. We actually contemplated leaving halfway through as it felt like we’d been in there for hours, however, we stayed and vowed never to watch it again, we just found it really boring! 😬


So there you have it, our personal opinions on which rides you should only need to do once at Walt Disney World! What do you think of our list? Do you agree/disagree or have any that you would add? If so, be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

See you soon!



Walt Disney World – Florida 2018

Disney Haul – Walt Disney World 2018 



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