Christmas Wrapping! 🎁 – Blogmas #3

wrapping paper

Hello everyone, The time has come for Christmas wrapping! I have always loved wrapping gifts, I like to make a plan of what kind of wrapping paper I’m going to use and what colour scheme I’m going to go with. This year, I originally wanted to go with classic brown paper and decorate it myself with stamps, ribbons and gift tags, however, when I went into Primark back in November and saw their Disney Christmas wrapping paper, that idea went straight out the window! I picked up 3 different designs of wrap when I was there:

  1. Mickey & Minnie
  2. Mary Poppins
  3. Elf

I completely fell in love with their Mickey & Minnie and Mary Poppins Christmas wrapping paper, they are absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t resist picking up a few rolls of each. I also picked up the Elf wrapping paper because it just looked really festive and Elf is such a fun Christmas film!

As well as the paper I got from Primark, we also have other rolls of Disney wrap including classic Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.

I couldn’t wait to get started, so here are some pics of my wrapping so far…

wrapping paper

wrapping paper


Unfortunately, Primark didn’t have any matching gift tags for any of their wrapping paper (well, there wasn’t any there when I went) so I had to mix and match from other shops, here are the ones I got…

gift tags

gift tags

These white tags matched pretty much all 3 of the Primark wrapping papers really well, they look best on the Mickey and Minnie wrapping paper though.

gift tags

The midnight blue tags I actually bought last year but suit the Mary Poppins wrapping paper practically perfectly! 😉

gift tags

The shiny red tags look good with everything but the Mary Poppins paper! I’m kind of keeping these as a back up at the minute.

gift tags

These cute little Gingerbread men tags look best with the Elf wrapping paper, I love these!

Here are some finished results of wrapping so far…

wrapped presents

wrapping paper

wrapping paper

wrapping paper

wrapping paper


So, we took a look at the number of presents already under the tree and there are already more there now than there was by Christmas eve last year, and we still have 2 weeks before Xmas! We’ve still got a lot of gifts to buy so more wrapping to come but for now, that’s everything done! Phew!!

Have you wrapped all your presents up yet? let me know in the comments below ↓

See you on Wednesday with Blogmas #4 where we will be talking Christmas Movies!



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