A Fresh Start – Life Update #10

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last update, I’ve been working on a post that’s been in planning for over 6 months now and it’s taking me longer than I thought to get finalised. In light of that, I thought a quick update would be best to fill you in on some exciting things that have happened lately. Life has been a bit hectic/stressful/disheartening these past few months, with COVID-19’s lockdown, furlough and losing my job it’s been a tough year for me, however, there are a few things that have happened recently that are positive so I thought I’d share these with you…

A New Addition!

Meet Beau! For those of you that follow me over on Instagram, you will have met Beau already, he is my mum’s new Cavachon Puppy (1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 1/2 Bichon Frise) and he is the sweetest little guy! He also has his own Instagram which you can check you @beauthecutecavachon

We always had dogs growing up, but they were all on the larger side. We had two English Springer Spaniels when I was younger and a Border Collie named Meg who is still around! Beau, however, is the dog I always wanted. Fluffy, cute and small. When we got Lucy, our first Springer, I was about seven-ish and was terrified of her! She was only a puppy, but I’d never been around dogs before so was quite scared of her (even though she was completely harmless!) I eventually got used to her and grew to love doggos but I’ve always been a bit wary of larger dogs. Meg is a gem though, such a lovely, sweet-natured dog and Beau is my dream pup!

Meg and Beau

Silver lining on the jobfront

So, I’ve got myself a proper new job and I think, to quote High School Musical, I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for! I love my job and that’s something I never thought I’d ever say again. I’ve only been there a few weeks and it already ticks all of my boxes; it’s different from anything I’ve done in recent years – fun, creative and something I have a genuine passion in! I now work in an awesome bakery as a baker/kitchen assistant making cakes, cookies and treats all day long! As you will know from some of my previous posts, I have always loved baking and the fact that I get to do it for a living now is crazy to me! I’ve only ever baked for friends and family before so my skills were pretty basic but I’ve already learned so much and can’t wait to improve even further!

baking broadway musical GIF by Waitress The Musical

I have also still been working at my other new job (from a few weeks ago) in a popular supermarket chain in the U.K. The hours suck a little as I start at 4 am so have to get up at around 3 am to get ready but the job is essential right now for us to be okay financially so I’ll continue with it until I can find something else with better hours that can fit alongside my job at the bakery. At the moment, there are two days a week where I will get up at 3 am, to go to my supermarket job and then once I finish there at 8 am, I’ll go home, get changed and head straight back out to the bakery for the rest of the day. It’s a killer on my feet and I’ve found for some reason my knees seize up when I first get out of bed and hurt pretty much all day, but I think that’s probably down to the fact that I’ve worked in an office for the past two years sat on my butt all day and now I’m on my feet for sometimes over 14 hours a day. It’s really tiring but unfortunately necessary at the moment!

Finances have been the most worrying factor for me this year. With my old job, I had everything figured out, I’d created a finance plan based on my salary as to how much I could afford to put into my personal savings each month as well as my Lifetime ISA to buy my first house and put towards paying off our wedding in a few years time. Based on the plan I had spent ages creating, we would have had enough money to put down a deposit on a house the year we get married (2022) and now, It’s just not going to be possible. I did get a little bit of redundancy pay from my old job which I used to pay off my credit card so I am now completely ‘debt’ free (Just to be clear, I’ve never been ‘in debt’ I’ve always kept on top of my credit card payments!) so at least there won’t be anything to worry about in that sense but I do worry for the future. I don’t miss my old job as there was no aspect of it that I actually enjoyed, but I am so annoyed about the awkward position they’ve now put me in financially and the way that the situation was handled. Hey ho, things will just have to be different for a while I suppose.

Disney+ – Every theatre kid’s lockdown saviour

I’ve been spoiled for choice on Disney+ entertainment recently, I’ve literally watched Frozen 2 about 3 times already and I am completely obsessed with Hamilton! I have to say, when I saw the show in London, I was a little disappointed (you can read my review here) but I think that was maybe partly due to the fact that the show is so incredibly overwhelming, It’s difficult to take in that much information in one sitting, so getting to watch it again on Disney+ and be able to take it all in, I have completely fallen in love with Hamilton all over again! I also think that the Original Broadway Cast is unbeatable and the Original London Cast we saw didn’t really click with me so that was a contributing factor to why I didn’t really love it the first time around, but having re-watched it on Disney+ three times, I would definitely like to see it again in London. Lin Manuel Miranda is a freaking genius, ‘Hamilton’ is literally the best-written show in history and I don’t think there is a theatre kid out there who could argue with me on that one! Definitely in my top 5!

Learning New Things

A few years ago, I downloaded an app called Duolingo (not sponsored) to start learning a new language, something I’ve always wanted to do. I had French and some Spanish classes when I was in school and originally wanted to continue learning French with this app when I first downloaded it as I already knew quite a lot of French. I soon forgot about the app and recently discovered it again and have now decided to learn Spanish since it is much more widely spoken around the world than French is. I love learning new things and have been practising whenever I get a chance! I’ve not missed a day so far and Duolingo makes it really fun and easy to learn, you can choose from 36 different languages and the best part is, it’s completely free. I can’t wait to see how I get on!

So there’s a quick update from me, what have you been up to lately? How’ve you been? Leave a comment below to let me know and I’ll see you soon with another post! 😊


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