Intentions For 2020

So… A NEW BLOOMIN’ DECADE! How crazy is that? The last 10 years were some of the most confusing, difficult yet amazing years ever. In the last 10 years, I left school, gained several qualifications at college, had my first (and hopefully last!) heartbreak, passed my driving test, started my blog, moved into my first home and got engaged! I made so many memories and life changed in many, many ways! 2019 was a great year for me, my Anxiety really improved (though I still get my rocky days!) and I got a clearer view of what I want in life! Looking back, I achieved quite a lot of the things I set out to do in 2019 so now it’s time to set some intentions for 2020!

Achievements in 2019

No McDonald’s for a year – yep, you read that right. Myself and Lee used to eat McDonald’s food far too frequently, so in December 2018 we decided to stop eating McDonald’s completely, and we succeeded! To be fair, we would always feel like crap every time we ate McDonald’s anyway so it was easy to cut out!

Drinking more water – I never used to drink enough water and in 2019 I really wanted to change that. I bought myself a really handy water bottle that set targets of how much to have drunk and by when and it really helped! My skin has never looked better and I feel much more energised now. It’s also a great and easy way to detox too which is always a bonus!

Started exercising more – I really got my butt into gear in 2019. I’ll be honest, It did fall a little by the wayside after we got back from Disney, but I’m eager to get back into it starting this month. I would really like to tone up and maybe lose just a tiny bit of weight for my wedding!

30 day fitness challenge

Started eating healthier – this ties in with cutting out McDonald’s really. I wanted to learn how to cook better and eat healthier meals and I think I really succeeded! I learned some great new recipes and found a love for cooking from scratch. I’ve been really interested lately in Slimming World meals and have found lots of great recipes to try out.

Intentions For 2020

Work on self-improvement – I really want to work on self-improvement this year. There are a few courses I’ve seen that I’d like to enrol onto and I also want to continue to work on improving my anxiety with mindfulness and meditation exercises! Anything that will enrich my life a little more 😊 I also aspire to be more productive this year. I think my Anxiety has made it difficult for me in terms of motivation in previous years, but I’ve already started the new year as I mean to go on in terms of motivation and productivity, I’ve enrolled onto my next course already and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Put my health first – I’ve already made a pretty big change this year in terms of my health (more on that in the next few months) but I really want to start putting my health first this year 😊 In previous years, there have been a few things health-wise that have been niggling me and I want to try and get them sorted this year as best I can.

Wedding planning – The wedding planning is going well so far, we’ve got a theme, a venue, a date and I’ve just been to my first ever dress fitting, In which I found ‘the one’! I wasn’t expecting to find my dress so quickly but it’s like the say, when you know, you know! It’s been ordered to the standard sizing I need which will be in in about 6 months time and then I need one further fitting to make the final adjustments (i.e. It needs to be shorter because I’m teeny!) So in around 9 months, my dream dress will be complete! I can’t wait to try it on again, it’s just perfect!

Save, save, save! – Again, this is something I set out to do every year, however, this year I actually have something to save for! I opened a Lifetime ISA a few months ago to help me on my way with buying my first house and of course, I need to start saving for the wedding!

Photography – I’d quite like to get back into Photography again this year, I didn’t do much in 2019 and I want to start making use of my lovely camera again 😊

Reading – If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I am doing the Goodreads reading challenge again this year. I surprised myself with just how many books I actually got around to reading last year so am hoping to do the same in 2020. I’ve got so many books on my ‘to be read’ pile that I am excited for so I can’t wait to see how many I get through in 2020! I won’t be putting too much pressure on myself to read though, just as and when I get time is absolutely fine by me!

Finish redecorating & home improvements – We’ve already picked back up on our redecorating process and the bedroom is nearly finished! I’ve finally got around to putting up some of my Musical Theatre posters and it looks amazing! Just the living room to get finished before we start the other rooms. We’re hoping to have this done by the end of the year so it’s kind of like a little project for 2020!

Travel a bit – We’ve not made any plans to go anywhere at the moment but I have a few ideas and would potentially like to do a couple of city breaks or just explore more of the UK if we get the chance.

star wars plane

Theatre – I would really like to see more shows this year. I’ve just got back from London after seeing Dear Evan Hansen at the Noel Coward Theatre and It really re-ignited my love for theatre! (not that it ever went away, I was just busy with other things!) I’ve already got tickets to see it again (it’s my new favourite!) and I can’t wait to tick a few more shows off the list this year, there are a few great tours coming to Devon this year so hoping to catch a few of those!

Those are my intentions for 2020! What are you planning to do with the year ahead? 😊


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