A Crappy Week (Final Furlough Update) – Furlough Week 8

I’ve not written anything for over a week now so this post is a little out of date, but I’d written it before I took a break so I thought I’d post it anyway and keep you up to date. I think we can all agree 2020 has been the shittiest year on record. W/C 1st June was a stressful, disheartening and crappy week as you will tell from this post, however, stay tuned for a much happier post at the end of this week 😊

Monday 1st June

Monday started with my redundancy consultation meeting at work. I’ll be honest, I knew from the second I walked into that meeting that I no longer had a job. Small talk is always awkward in these kinds of situations, especially when they ask you how you are. You smile and say ‘yeah not bad’ when you’re really thinking ‘you’re literally in the process of ruining me financially, is that a serious question or are you taking the piss?’ the entire meeting felt like a pity party which was the main giveaway, they said they’d be in touch again by Friday to let me know if they’d reached a decision, but I already knew the answer to that one. I went home and immediately started the dreaded job hunting process.

I spent the rest of the day searching and applying for jobs until heading over to my mums in the evening to fix up mine and Lee’s bikes. I took my trusty Pink Stuff paste for the rust removal and some cloths and sponges to give them a scrub down. They ended up looking really great after a few hours of cleaning and de-rusting, still a bit left to do though.

I then went home and designed some posters/artwork for my new potential venture.

Tuesday 2nd June

I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember much of what I did on Tuesday, thanks to the crappy week, It was just one of those days that went by in a blur! One of the jobs I applied for yesterday contacted me to say that they were impressed with my application and would like to offer me an interview (really wasn’t expecting that so quick!) so that was a nice surprise. I also took stock of everything I need to fix up my car just in case I am successful in the job interview. For those of you who don’t know, My car was broken into a few months ago so I’ve had a smashed window ever since that’s been patched up with cardboard (just another thing to add to my list of bad luck, honestly it’s never-ending) I ordered some sealant for my windscreen as there seems to be a little leak in that somewhere when it rains, a new car freshener and some engine stop leak (paid nearly £300 last year to have my oil leak fixed which it very clearly isn’t, so I’m hoping this will do the trick)

I then spent the rest of the day/evening fixing up the bikes at mum’s house, they’re definitely getting there!

Wednesday 3rd June

I started Wednesday with my job interview over facetime and I was relieved to find out I was successful! It’s a completely different venture to anything I’ve ever done before but will definitely be a step towards my nursing/midwifery degree should I choose to pursue that path. (Update: I’ve officially decided that route is a closed case for me now) though it was a sigh of relief to know that I have something to go to after I lose my current job, it’s one hell of a pay cut but at least it’s something.

Once Lee was on his lunch break, we headed over to Lidl to get some food shopping done and stumbled upon this giant cucumber! If that’s not value for money, I don’t know what is! It gave the guys at the checkout a chuckle either way 😂

When we got home, I decided to start brainstorming ideas for my new venture, setting up an Etsy shop! With Lee’s expertise, we designed my logo and I absolutely love it! Thankyou Lee x

I spent the afternoon designing more artwork for my shop and noting down some ideas for future projects that I can try and make!

I then headed over to mums in the evening whilst Lee continued to re-fit the studios at the radio station. Me and mum headed out for a (socially distant) bike ride to find some nearby geocaches, I had to use my little sister’s bike as mine wasn’t quite ready yet, it was a mostly flat cycle but I haven’t cycled in so many years, my legs were struggling! I need to try and get out on my bike more once it’s all fixed up!

After finding 2 geocaches and returning back to mum’s house, my brother had finished fitting my new chain on my bike so I took it for a spin with my little sister to the local park! It worked a treat, only thing left to do is replace the gear cables as the gears weren’t working at all.

Thursday 4th June

Thursday was when things started getting a little more difficult. I had a rational think about the job I’d applied for and realized it would mean taking a 2 thirds pay cut and that just freaked me out hugely, we do okay at the moment and I had a whole finance plan penned for the next 5 years, including our wedding and potentially looking into buying a house, now it just doesn’t seem within reach anymore and I am concerned for the future. I decided to email my current employer to explain my concerns and the fact that I need to officially know the outcome as soon as they make any decisions (knowing full well they already had) as I have a wedding to pay off, a family to provide for and bills to pay.

I spent the rest of the day trying to take my mind off current events by launching my Etsy shop!

I don’t have many items listed at the moment as I am still trying to get some more designs finalized but I am really happy with what I have so far and the design of my shop! I may even give this blog a brand reboot in the near future so watch this space! (as you can see, I did indeed give the blog a re-brand!)

I spent the rest of the day working on some new designs and later went over to my mums for a bike ride. My new gears had been installed so both mine and Lee’s bikes are completely ready to go! They look as good as new and work perfectly!

Friday 5th June

To round off the crappy week, Friday was a hard day. I received a response from my employer confirming their decision to make my job redundant. Even though I was expecting the outcome, It still hit me like a tonne of bricks and the panic kicked in full force. How would we afford to pay the bills if I am to be on such a low income? What if I don’t like my new job? What if we can no longer afford to get married? Why do things like this keep happening to me? My brain was a whirlwind of questions, what if’s and worries. I tried to keep a level head and not let it get to me, but it was just too much. 3 redundancies in 4 years had left me feeling completely useless, unwanted, and let down once again.

One thing I know for sure is how incredibly lucky I am to have Lee, he is my rock and I honestly don’t know how I would cope without him. He is always so supportive of me in everything I do and today was no different, in good times and bad, he is always there by my side. I love you Lee and I cannot wait to be your wife ❤️

We headed out at lunchtime to pick up the bits for my car, new fuses, sealant, etc, and started to get it fixed up. My radio has also stopped working (hence the new fuses!) but we could not for the life of us work out which fuse was the radio! I will have to google it and have another go at some point!

I later went over to my mum’s for another socially distant barbecue. I went for a quick ride around the street on my bike but headed home shortly after having some food as I wanted to get home whilst it was still light and just wanted to go to bed after a bad day.

We decided to get an early night and watched a few episodes of Modern Family.

Saturday 6th June

Felt a bit better this morning so decided to crack on and get some housework done. I got all the washing up done, laundry put away and tidied around a bit whilst Lee put another load of laundry on, did the vacuuming and tidied around too. Once the house was looking tidy, we headed out to pick up some new wiper blades for my car and then went home to attempt to fit them.

After fitting the new wiper blades (we later found out that we’d fitted them backwards 😂 we really know nothing about cars) we decided to head out and check on our geocaches! They were all where they should have been and in ship-shape so we once again headed back home.

When home, I decided to sort through and tidy up some paperwork of mine, I stumbled across our wedding venue contract which cheered me up a little to read. After sorting through my paperwork, I hopped online to order some new work trousers as I’ve not needed any for a few years now!

I spent the rest of the afternoon drafting new designs for the store and thinking of other items to create and sell. I’ve got ideas for lots of things to create so I’m hoping to do some test runs next week and see how they go!

We decided to head over to my mums to pick up our bikes in the evening, however, when we got there, they were just heading out on them so we thought we’d do a little geocaching and come back for the bikes later! After finding a few caches, we headed back to mums and picked up our bikes for a short cycle! Since it was dark, it gave us a chance to test out our bike lights which worked a treat!

Since it was pretty late, we then headed home!

Sunday 7th June

Sunday was a day to get stuff done. In the morning, my brother came over to fix a couple of bits on my car, It now has a shiny new window and wiper blades that are the right way around 😂

Once my car was all fixed up, I headed back in to crack on with a few more designs and ordered a new stereo for my car as my current one has decided it’s had enough!

After a few hours of designing, we headed out to wash, vacuum and tidy my car before heading home for an early night.

So, this was a bit of a crappy week, but surely it can only mean good things are to come! Since I’ve uploaded this a few weeks late and I’m technically not going to be furloughed for much longer, this will be my last furlough update. Usual life update proceedings will resume with immediate effect 😊



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