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Well, she’s only gone and done it again! Another incredibly beautiful read! Giovanna Fletcher you have a gift.

Every time I read one of Gi’s books, somewhere along the line I end up blubbing! I always find myself being able to relate to the protagonist/s in some way, whether thats because our personalities are alike, or whether we have shared the same experiences, but this book in particular struck a chord within me.

The book follows the story of Ben, Robert and Maddy. Best friends since childhood, they do pretty much everything together. Since the day Ben first laid eyes on Maddy he has been completely and utterly in love with her, but keeps his feelings to himself. Unfortunately, he then goes on to put the idea of romancing Maddy into the head of his best friend Robert (who, much to Ben’s disappointment, succeeds)

As the book progresses, it follows the characters as they get older and reach milestones in their lives such as university, relationships and heartbreak (with a few proposals along the way)

Now, at a certain point in the book, Maddy gets her heart completely, and seemingly irreversibly, broken. When I got to this part of the book, and learned what had happened, I felt like I’d had the air knocked out of me as every memory of my own experience of heartbreak suddenly resurfaced. I went through the exact same thing as Maddy and my god, was it difficult. I became angry at the character who had inflicted Maddy’s heartbreak, much the same as my own, and immediately felt I related to her on an emotional level. Lets just say, being cheated on is not only degrading, but completely changes you as a person.

Ben chooses this time to finally tell Maddy he loves her (FANTASTIC TIMING *sarcastic slow clap*) oh Ben why, WHY would you choose to do this now?? This results in Ben feeling worse about the situation and leaves Maddy feeling very confused and unsure.

I’ll be honest, in the beginning I was rooting for Ben, but as the story unfolded I thought that Robert was much better suited to Maddy (despite his mistakes, he always made his love for her known) whereas Ben always kept it quiet, and chose the worst time to declare his love for her making the situation worse for both of them.

I loved the trio’s friendship, and how they all stick together through everything despite the curveballs they are thrown along the way.


Overall, this was such a beautifully written story with wonderful characters and topped off with a heart-warming epilogue. If you get chance, definitely give this one a read!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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