Summer 2018 Nail Polish Picks

I think it’s safe to say that Summer 2018 is in full swing. I’ve already been to the beach at least 10 times and haven’t worn trousers (except for at work) or long sleeved tops for over a month. WHAT IS GOING ON? The UK has been hit with the longest heatwave we’ve seen in over 5 years, Weather warnings have been issued and we’ve even been threatened with the risk of a drought, The country can’t cope. We’re a bit useless when it comes to any weather besides rain, to be honest! Anyway, today I bring you my summer nail polish picks! As you will see, they are all Barry M Nail Paints, this is simply because after trying lots of different nail polish brands, I have decided that Barry M Nail Paints are just in my opinion the best! They rarely chip, have a great selection of colours and effects and are super affordable! So without further ado, here are the colours I have whittled my vast collection down to for summer!



I really think you can’t go wrong with a nice brown or metallic in the summer, they are just

  1. Barry M Coconut Infusion ‘Tiki Hut’ – My favourite colour out of these three is the Coconut Infusion in the shade ‘Tiki Hut’ it looks absolutely stunning on a pedicure and is my go-to pedicure colour for sandal season!
  2. Barry M Molten Metal ‘Bronze Bae’ – a sizzling hot bronze colour, perfect for insta!
  3. Barry M Nail Effects ‘Gold Foil’ – Can’t go wrong with a nice gold! This one looks so shiny and reminds me of the sun, sand and hot summer days!



My favourite colours are powder blue, Turquoise, lilac and mint green so I have quite a few green/blue nail paints, here are my favourites for the summer:

  1. Barry M Coconut Infusion ‘Laguna’ – One of my absolute favourite shades of blue, Laguna is a lovely pastel shade of powder blue.
  2. Barry M Gelly ‘Blueberry’ – probably my favourite ever Barry M Shade. Blueberry is such a pretty colour, you could actually make this work all year round, but it’s absolutely PERFECT for summer.
  3. Barry M Gelly ‘Damson’ – A lovely bright blue colour, I think this shade would be really flattering against a tan!
  4. Barry M Gelly ‘Greenberry’ – a nice bright turquoise/aqua colour, weirdly reminds me of swimming pools and mermaids!



I never used to be a pinky person, however, in recent years, I’ve built up quite a collection of pink nail polishes! I’m not a huge fan of bright pink as being blonde, it might seem a bit Barbie-esque, But I love a good pastel shade so here are my top pink, purple and coral polishes for summer:

  1. Barry M Gelly ‘Papaya’ – In the photo, this one looks very orange but it’s actually a kind of coral-y pink colour, really pretty and summery!
  2. Barry M Gelly ‘Pomegranate’ – Pomegranate is a deep pinky/red shade, I would say its more a cherry pink than pomegranate but what do I know?! Still a very pretty summer colour.
  3. Barry M Gelly ‘Dragonfruit’ – Probably about as bright a pink as I would feel comfortable wearing, it’s such a pretty pink and reminds me of a strawberry milkshake!
  4. Barry M Gelly ‘Rose Hip’ – Rose Hip is a really lovely pastel pink, perfect for a manicure if you want to keep things natural.
  5. Barry M Under The Sea ‘Angelfish’ – I’ve mentioned the under the sea colours before in My March Favourites post, they are so pretty and really fitting for summer when you can go swimming in the sea! Angelfish is a gorgeous shimmery Pink shade with white highlights.
  6. Barry M Under The Sea ‘Jellyfish’ – Another Under The Sea colour, Jellyfish is a shimmery lilac colour with hints of blue when caught in the light.
  7. Barry M Classic ‘Berry Ice Cream’ – this is the prettiest pastel lilac shade I think I’ve ever found! I absolutely love it.

So, there are my Summer 2018 Nail Polish Picks! What are your favourite colours for this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon!

Beth x


I can’t stress enough how I am not in any way sponsored by any of the brands/companies I might mention, I am purely expressing my genuine opinions and love for the products that I have purchased.

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